Preparing Your Home For Sale
Engaging All of
the Senses
  • De-cluttering and removal of all personal pictures and items. Have the buyer to see the space as something they could own. 

  • New neutral, good quality rugs.

  • Re-painting several rooms into neutral colors, if needed.

  • Make any small repairs (or big ones if needed)

  • Move furniture to show the rooms to their best  advantage, including moving very large furniture  out of rooms to give them a more spacious feel

  • Incorporate decorative details that help give the home an inviting feel.

Preparing the Lawn
  •  Add splashes of color. With every changing season, a landscape should provide a new display of colors, textures, and fragrances.

  • Size trees and shrubs to scale. These should be planted in the right scale for the house so that they don’t block windows, doors, and other architectural features on the home’s facade.

  • Maintain a perfect lawn. A velvety green lawn demonstrates tender loving care.

  •  Light up the outside. Good illumination allows buyers to see a home at night and adds drama.

  • Let them hear the water. The sound of water appeals to buyers. A small fountain accented with rocks provides a pleasant gurgling sound, blocks street noise, and is affordable.

  • Use decorative architectural elements. A new mailbox, planted window boxes or decorative statues.

So what if you do need to get rid of a bad smell?

  • Take the trash out. It’s simple, but it can make a big difference. When the home is being shown, advise sellers to empty the garbage often.

  • Snuff out the smoke. Encourage sellers to eliminate all smoking inside and even outside, particularly when the doors or windows are open. An ionizer can help remove smoke smells.

  • Watch the cooking. The smell of lamb, broccoli, garlic, fish, and eggs can stick around long after the food has been eaten.

  • Wash Fido. Pets can be a big source of smells. Limit the pet to an outdoor area or a certain room in the house that can be regularly cleaned.

  • Keep accessories and objects on the furniture restricted to groups of 1, 3, or 5 items.

  • Rearrange or remove some of the furniture in your home, if necessary. When it comes to selling your home, thin out overcrowded rooms to make the rooms appear larger.

  • Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops. 

  • Clear refrigerator fronts of messages, magnets, pictures, etc.

  • In the bathroom, remove any unnecessary items from the countertops, tub, shower stall, and commode top. 

  • Coordinate towels in one or two colors only

  • Take down, reduce, or rearrange pictures and objects on walls.Patch and paint all walls.

  • Review the house interior, room by room, and…1. Paint any room needing paint. 2. Clean carpet and draperies that need it. 3. Clean windows.